Tactical Bleeding Control Kit

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Tactical Bleeding Control Kit

The Tactical Bleeding Control Kit is optimized for military and enforcement use, where most casualities suffer shot, stabbed and other heavily bleeding wounds. The kit contains everything to make you able to maintain propper bleeding control during the first aid.

In the assembly of this kit, we asked for help of experiened rescue and first responder personel of Center of Tactical Medicine Hungary, to add almost ten years of real field experience and with it the best chance of survival to this kit.

Package includes

Main attributes of the Tactical Bleeding Control Kit:

  • Contains tools and accessories for maintaining propper bleeding control in case of shot, stabbed or other heavily bleeding wounds
  • Containment of the kit has been selected based on experiences of civilian and military medical personel
  • Only the highest quallity products are placed in the kit

The kit contains:

Use of the bandages and tools in this kit can be learned at  Tactical Bleeding Control courses.

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