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First Care Products saves time, money and, most importantly, lives. All the innovative, easy-to-use products are designed for pre-hospital emergency medical situations - at work, on the street, in the field, and in the home.

The Emergency Bandage, their principal product, has become an integral component of emergency hemorrhage control and wound treatment in pre-hospital situations. Its unique design, ease of use and a broad range of sizes and styles makes it ideal for treating any bleeding wound.

All First Care products are manufactured to the strictest international standards and are protected by international patents. All products receive and maintain FDA and CE approval as well as NATO Reference Numbers and NSNs (National Stock Numbers).


First Care Products is active in the development and marketing of innovative products for pre-hospital emergency medical situations. The company’s mission is to bring to market products that improve treatment while providing significant savings in time and resources.

Their principal product, the Emergency Bandage, has become an integral component of emergency hemorrhage control and wound treatment in pre-hospital situations. The Emergency Bandage, available in many versions, has been proven in the combat clinical setting and in the non-military sector.

In addition to its use by many of the world’s most highly regarded military organizations, these uniquely designed bandages are utilized by civilian emergency and fire rescue services, police forces, first-aid and survival training academies and civilians around the world.

All the products are protected by international patents and manufactured according to the highest international standards, with FDA and CE approval. Designated with NATO Reference Numbers and NSNs (National Stock Numbers) in the United States, the bandages are cited as the preferred treatment equipment by national emergency health services.

With strong, positive branding of the company and its products, First Care Products maintains a network of distributors and representatives throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and they continue to build alliances with major assemblers and suppliers of first-aid equipment.

First Care Products remains committed to the research and development of new products for the pre-hospital emergency treatment sector.