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Lumica Corporation is the leading manufacturer of glow light products for both fishing range and novelty range. The company was established in 1979 in Fukuoka, Japan and now have group companies in Korea, China, the UK, Spain, and the USA. Their mission since then has been to offer the best quality products at reasonable prices.

Their retail line is marketed under the brands Starlite® for fishing light sticks and Lumica Light® for novelty and safety sticks. They are developed through intensive research into the natural process of photoluminescence. All lightsticks can be used for in- and outdoor safely - a portable light with no risk of fire. The usage is only limited by your imagination.

After the initiation of full production in China, the company can now offer you a full range of products and competitive pricing backing up by the longest history among the existing glow stick manufacturers.

Lumica Lightsticks offered in our website are made to military and industrial grade specifications. Lumica Light is a safety light stick with a unique round shape and useful utility hook for easy attachments. The standard Lumica Lightstick has 8-hour long glow duration, while the Intensive type has only 30 minutes of glow duration – however, the Intensive Lightsticks provide light multiple times stronger than the standard lightsticks.

Due to the way these lightsticks work, they are totally safe to use anywhere, even in hazardous environments or areas, buildings flooded with flammable gases or liquids. The products are non-toxic, non-flammable, completely water and weather resistant and generate no heat. They provide 360 degree light sources while staying lightweight and low profile.

Lightstick can not only serve as individual light sources, but they also work great for marking positions or complete areas by using multiple lights, therefore they are highly recommended to be used for triage by mass accidents or emergency situations.