Olfa SK-15 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

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Olfa SK-15 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife
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It turns out that even a simple from the constructors' point of view, an activity in intense work conditions may pose a threat that translates into a significant number of cuts during the exchange of blades. And OLFA blades are always so sharp that they can hurt you if you do not handle them properly.


This circumstance led the OLFA constructors to work on a new safety knife model. However, they used a different approach - if the replacement of the blade may pose a significant threat, then under certain operating conditions instead of replacing it, it will be better to take the next knife, and dispose of the used knife for recycling. And simplify the construction of the knife in such a way, that it would be economically viable.

The effect of these considerations has become the OLFA SK-15 model - a small knife with a concealed solid stainless steel blade.
The proposed solution eliminates the necessity of bothersome ejection of the blade for each cut, and its installation in the handle is safe for the user and the contents of the cut package.

Proper profiling of the slot in which the blade is mounted reduces friction and translates into the effectiveness and durability of the tool. The wedge-shaped upper part of the handle acts as a chisel to packing tapes, and a large hole in the lower part allows you to hang the tool on the hook or to attach a lanyard that makes it easy to carry the tool with you.
In the case of the SK-15 knife, replaceable blades will not cause injury or get lost in the workplace. And this knife is perfect for cutting corrugated board, opening cardboard boxes, cutting shrink film, cutting plastic strapping tapes, packing etc.

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