Optimum Medical Solutions


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Let’s start with some reassuring facts. You’ll find these products in every NHS acute hospital, and Optimum Medical Solutions offer the UK’s largest range of healthcare lubricants – including the market leader. They export to more than 60 countries around the world. In short, they’re true specialists in lubrication and urology products.

But they know they can always do more. Which is why they spend a lot of time listening to clinicians and patients, finding out how they can improve their products and develop new ones. They call this constantly creating better. Also, to ensure everyone who uses these products benefits fully from them, they offer Optimum Medical Support, a flexible educational resource. If you’re a clinician, they offer in-depth product training with their own clinicians, using a range of materials, including videos, animations, booklets and user guides.

Optimum Medical Solutions also run webinars and focus groups, and provide a website dedicated to educational support. And for patients, they provide helpful information about the procedures and products involved in their treatment. All focused on the best possible outcome for patients.

Their in-house clinicians focus on product improvement and new product development. And they test all the ideas with a network of clinical contacts, based all over the UK. The company values their feedback, and always use it to fine-tune and perfect the products. They don’t just work on the products themselves. The in-house graphic designers have an ongoing brief to keep improving the brochures and packaging – OMS want to make sure they are genuinely useful to patients and clinicians, helping you get the most from their products.


The OptiLube sachets of lubricant contain 5g of water soluble lubricating jelly for use in the preparation of airway devices such as supraglottic airways, endotracheal tubes and naso/ oropharyngeal airways. It can also be used to prime the gastric channel of 2nd generation airway devices such as the i-gel or lubricate suction and orogastric tubes. OptiLube sachets are harmless to human tissue and will not injure rubber, metal appliances, instruments, and natural or synthetic textiles.