Triangle Bandage

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Triangle Bandage

A cravat, or triangle bandage, is a basic first aid item that can be used as both a bandage and a sling.


Use of the triangle bandage

Ask the injured to support their bad arm with their other hand. Slide the triangular bandage underneath it, with the longest edge (the base) parallel to their body at the tip of the little finger. The tip of the bandage (the point) should stick out past their elbow. Gently pull the top bit under their bad arm and around the neck to the opposite shoulder. Take the bit that’s hanging down over their arm and up to meet the other end at their shoulder. Tie the ends together in a reef knot at the hollow above their collar bone and tuck in the ends. Adjust the sling so that it supports their arm all the way to the top of their little finger. Twist the tip by their elbow until it fits snugly around their elbow and tucks it in or safety pin it.

Single-use disposable product. Not sterile, should not be placed on an open wound.

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