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RÜSCH CARE, a segment of Teleflex, is dedicated to providing the Home Care market with a product line specially designed for the end user in the non-hospital setting. This range consists of over 6,000 articles from the economic standard product to elaborate high-end instruments. Each one of them is specifically designed to meet the requirements of patients at home, in nursing homes or rehab clinics. Close cooperation with leading physicians in German hospitals have led to clinically tested instruments of highest quality.
The special demands of the Home Care market is reflected in the materials used as well as the functionality and packaging of the products. RÜSCH CARE tracheal tubes, for example, are supplied with insertion aids and sold individually. High-end Foley catheters with and without balloon, first class instruments for suprapubic drainage, premium hydraulic dilators and bougies greatly improve patients' lives.
In the respiratory care sector, a range of ventilation masks helps save lives and improve the patient's quality of life.
The RÜSCH CARE brand stands for better performance, better service and constant innovations.

Competent product managers plus a number of expert consultants are there to advise patients on questions of application all over Germany. In addition, tracheostomy workshops take place almost every month up and down the country.

Teleflex is proud to continue a more than 125 year partnership between our Rüsch brand and clinicians to develop products that are as convenient and safe as possible. Our line of nasal airways provides Anesthesia professionals with a full range of options. Our clinician-inspired materials and designs mean you have the right airway device for every patient.

Rüsch soft PVC Nasopharengeal airway tubes are available on Medicstore in multiple sizes to provide the propper tools for emergency care take on the streets or on the field.

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