Steril Normal Saline Irrigation 500ml

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Steril Normal Saline Irrigation

By caretaking the visual examination and identification of the wounds are crucial, but this can be encumbered by blood and contaminations. The Ecolav Saline is sterile and endotoxin-free, and its commonly used for cleaning the wounds and the affected areas clean. has been merged with You won't be able to place an order on this website anymore. Please click the link above the price to redirect you to the new webshop! Thank you for your cooperation!


Main attributes of the Ecolav Saline

Ecolav Saline is sterile, endotoxin-free saline, ideal for cleaning heavily bleeding wounds and large area burns, steeping tamponades, cleaning tools and rinsing irritated eyes and mucosal of the nose.

1000ml  Saline contains:

  • 9g Natrium-Chlorid dissolved in injection compatible water
  • Electrolits:
    • Na+ 154 mmol/l
    • Cl- 154 mmol/l

Product contains 500ml solution.

Not meant to be used for I/V!

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